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Switchback Outfitters is based near the Yellowstone Park area of Wyoming and Montana. Our business is located in one of the premiere big game hunting areas in the state of Wyoming.

Trophy animals of all species can be found in the Shoshone National Forest wilderness. Switchback Outfitters is surrounded in all directions by the beautiful Absaroka and Beartooth mountain peaks in Elk Area 51, Wyoming. We are licensed to hunt all of Areas 50-54 in the Sunlight Basin area. 

Late season elk hunts and almost all goat hunts are based out of the Wyoming headquarters of Switchback Ranch, which occupies a very remote and scenic plateau at the north end of the Sunlight Basin in Area 50.





Bow Hunting Magazine rated this area as the top bow hunting area in the State of Wyoming for 2003.

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Switchback Ranch is one of the larger cattle ranching operations in the Northern Rockies, running 2,000 animal units over approximately 160,000 acres of deeded and leased ranch land in Wyoming and Montana. A number of our hunts utilize some of the facilities of the ranch.

Some of our hunts are based out of our Upper Ranch in Wyoming. 


Switchback Outfitters is owned by Switchback Ranch, LLC. Switchback Ranch is owned by David Leuschen. David is a lifelong sportsman and outdoor enthusiast and has extensive experience outfitting and ranching in the West. Switchback Outfitters welcomes you and invites you to call or e-mail us to discuss upcoming hunts or to plan a trip just for you.