Game Animals

Mountain goats and bighorn sheep live at high altitudes of 7,000-11,000 feet in steep mountainous terrain. We are uniquely situated in this kind of prime habitat at our Upper Ranch. The largest population of mountain goats in Wyoming lives on and around the Upper Ranch. We hunt on horseback, on foot, and also can use 4-wheelers on a limited basis to get to some difficult to reach sites.

Our bighorn sheep area is one of the best Wyoming has to offer. We can also offer access to goats and bighorn sheep from our ranch in the Shoshone National Forest. In order to come in closer proximity to their habitat, we often set up comfortable spike camps a few miles from the ranch. It is an experience that is tough to beat.

If you are in search of a mule deer we can help! With four different areas to hunt, in the state of Wyoming, your odds are greatly increased. Our knowledgeable guides work hard to provide you with the opportunity for a shot at one of North America’s most elusive and smart trophy big game animals.




Our signature hunt is our late season limited-quota trophy elk hunt in which we hunt migrating bull elk traveling from Yellowstone National Park. We are capable of being very flexible and can accommodate all your late season limited quota elk hunts in Areas 50 thru 54.



If you draw a moose tag we are glad to plan a special hunt for you.


For experienced hunters who enjoy challenges, this hunt will test your outdoorsmen skills. We spend long hours in the saddle since moose are more challenging to find than other game. Finding a trophy bull moose is a memorable experience like none other.


We offer a limited number of antelope hunts on private ranch land in Wyoming. These animals are quick and versatile. Don't miss an opportunity to hunt one of North America's most challenging animals.