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Hunter Peak
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  For all Wyoming hunting rules and regulations, hunt areas, to receive your hunter information packet, and or questions, click here! 

License application must be received in Cheyenne by the following Deadlines (postmark or check date does not count):

Elk: January 31

Deer: March 15

Antelope: March 15

Moose: February 28

BigHorn Sheep: February 28

Mountain Goat: February 28

To ensure prompt arrival, we suggest sending your application by FED EX or UPS

If you have to use the US Postal Service, please send it certified mail, return receipt and mail it at least 2 weeks before the deadline.









We are a unique outfitting operation offering hunts from two locations in Wyoming. Our access to some of the most remote and diverse western landscapes, along with the untouched wildlife is what makes us stand apart. Our facilities and services provide comfort and great food in the most rustic settings.

Elk hunting will be based out of Elk Hunting Area 50 of Wyoming. We are also licensed to hunt in Areas 51, 52, 53, and 54. This allows us to hunt trophy elk in a large portion of the Shoshone National Forest.

We offer an exclusive hunting opportunity through the facilities of our Upper Ranch. This involves a 7-day late season rifle hunt for elk or a superb 7-day mountain goat hunt.


We also offer September bow hunts in Area 51, rated by Bowhunting Magazine as the top bow hunting area in the State of Wyoming for 2003. There is nothing quite like a Bull Elk Hunt during the middle of the rut.


We have access to prime habitat for anything you choose to hunt in Wyoming.

For further info, please call.



"Switchback Outfitters abides by the laws of the State of Wyoming and all hunters must be familiar with, and abide by the laws of the State of Wyoming. The State of Wyoming now puts out a booklet with all information and application forms. If you have applied for a license the previous year, you will automatically receive one for the coming year. Otherwise, contact the State of Wyoming, Game and Fish Department, 5400 Bishop Ave., Cheyenne, Wyoming 82006-0001, or call (307) 777-4600. You may also order forms from their web site at: http://gf.state.wy.us/