Upper Ranch

Big Horn Sheep, Mountain Goat & Late Season Elk

Come with us on a hunt for bighorn sheep, mountain goats, and late season elk that is second to none. Imagine yourself trail riding on a remote ranch located in the heart of the Absaroka/Beartooth Wilderness surrounded by crystal clear streams and twelve thousand foot mountain peaks.


The Upper Ranch overlooks the scenic Sunlight Basin of Northwest Wyoming with its canyons, spectacular waterfalls, and wild river that passes through the ranch.

The Sunlight Basin Unit of Upper Ranch is located 50 miles northwest of Cody, which is historically known for being the home of Buffalo Bill Cody and as the rodeo capital of the world. This is one of the most remote working ranches left in the United States. To get to the Upper Ranch one can fly, drive an ATV up a difficult mountain trail, or ride in on horses. There are no conventional roads to the Ranch. The country is steep and rugged and much hunting is done on foot as well as horseback.


Sunlight Basin

The ranch area offers great access to a thriving population of mountain goats.

Come experience hunting in Wyoming on a very remote working cattle ranch.