Weather & Gear

Anything can happen with the weather in Wyoming and you should be prepared for snow, rain, or sleet at any time of year. The temperatures can range from below zero to 40 degrees in the morning and between 20-70 degrees during the day. Layering clothing is the most effective way to stay comfortable.

Suggested Items:

The following is an idea of what to bring for a hunt, and some guidelines to make your packing easier. All gear and supplies are transported on pack horses. Therefore, please limit the size and weight of luggage or duffle bag. Fragile or sensitive items such as video cameras, glass containers, etc., require special attention.



  • One pair of cotton socks for each day
  •  One pair of wool socks for each day
  •  Long underwear tops and Bottoms
  •  Jeans/Tshirt
  •  Long sleeves shirts, both heavy and light weight
  •  Warm, quiet coat
  •  Warm, quiet, heavy pants
  •  Quality Rain Gear
  •  Gloves/ Hats (orange)
  •  One pair of comfortable insulated boots and one pair of comfortable camp shoes/boots 
  •  Jacket
  •  Ear Band
  • Fluorescent Orange garment to be worn visibly (hat, coat, vest) 



 Notice the suggestion of quiet clothing!
Many new materials on the market claim to be windproof, waterproof and warm.  Unfortunately these same materials are noisy and our game animals hear extremely well.  Please keep this in mind when purchasing or selecting clothing and raingear for your hunt.

Other items:

  • Scoped rifle and ammo
  • Binoculars
  • Camera
  • Pocketknife or belt knife
  • Leatherman tool or similar pocket tool for emergency repairs
  • Small flashlight to be carried on your person while afield
  • Toiletries, medication
  • Small travel alarm clock
  • Water bottle
  • Hunting license with conservation stamp - Must be carried on your person at all times